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Northern Ireland:
Giant's Causeway
Arundel Castle
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Dunluce Castle

Dover Castle

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The Hurlers
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Contact information is at the bottom of the page.

My first web site was started in 1999 (Traveling In Spain) as a way to teach myself web site design, and share with others some of my travel photos and travel experiences. The Traveling in Spain web site is the guide I have worked on the longest and consequently it has the most content.

With the Traveling In England web site I continue to share my family's travel experiences. Most of the current content is from a trip I took with my son to England in July 2006. We plan to take additional trips over the next few years until this web site covers all of the UK, not just England

Photo right - my son Jeremy, at the Tower, with Tower Bridge in the background.

While most of the content was provided by me (Jerrold) my wife and son and daughter have contribute to the guides. We are not Travel Agents, nor experts on European travel or the countries we write about.

I am someone that enjoys visiting new places and learning about different things. I have a degree in Anthropology but due to my problems with learning languages, I never pursued a career in the field. Instead, I stumbled in to a career in Human Services. I have never been accused of being a great writer but people do seem to think I can make decent photographs. The "Arts" and photography have been an interest of mine since childhood, as have my interest in geology, history and architecture. I see my central characteristic as that of an explorer.

Our goals for the web sites have evolved as time has gone on. Today, we look to the web sites to fund our family's travel in Europe and we hope the web sites will provide us with income, and recreation, in retirement. We also hope the web sites open up the possibility of European travel to people of all economic levels and "language" skills.

With the hope of developing additional country guides to complement March 21, 2003 my wife and I established the Limited Liability Company, Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC. In July of 2004 my family visited Ireland and in August of 2004 "Travels In Ireland" was born. In September of 2006 we finally uploaded some content to the web site which is our start at a UK Travel Guide.

We hope the visitor will use their own good judgment in using the commercial links and information provided on our web sites Our report is often from a one-time experience, your adventures with a service provider or travel destination may be different. Additional information can be found on the Disclaimer and Disclosure pages.

Contact Information:

I always like to hear the comments and recommendations of visitors. I can be contacted by sending an e-mail to

Replies are dependent on how busy I am at any particular time.

Thanks for visiting and supporting "TravelingInEngland".
Jerrold VanNocker
Michigan, USA



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Information on this page comes form my July, 2006 visit to England
This page last updated September 2006