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On my 2003 visit to Spain, "Cellular Abroad" sent me a loaner phone in order to test out their cell phone in Spain. After testing and completing a write up, on using a cell phone in Spain, I returned the phone back to "Cellular Abroad".

For my family's 2004 trip to Ireland, it was very important to stay in touch with my wife's ailing father. Consequently, I order an unlocked cell phone from "Cellular Abroad" to take with us to Ireland.

With the 2006 England trip I ordered a SIM card for my cell phone, which I did not put in the cell phone until a day prior to us leaving, big mistake. The SIM card for the UK gave me an error message, I did not have time to get a replacement card. I still need to contact Cellular Abroad to see if this was a defective card or my error. When I ordered the phone, the form asked me to verify the cell phones operating frequencies, in my rush I did not, I may have order a card not compatible with my phone. Learn from my mistake, order early and check the card to make certain it is working, while you will not be able to make a call in the US using a UK phone card, you should not get a SIM error code.

Cell Phone advantages for the traveler:

  • Make Emergency calls easily.
  • You don't have to coordinate your touring plans around access to a phone.This is particularly important when you are dealing with several hours of time difference between you and the person you are calling.
  • Much easier for family members/business associates to contact you.
    International SIM cards mean you can travel through approximately 115 different countries sometimes retaining the same phone number and cellular plan.
  • Save money ; In Spain using the cell phone I paid around .60 euros (60¢) per minute for a call back to the USA. From the USA, my wife used a local prepaid phone card and reach me via the cell phone in Spain for about 35¢ (USD) per minute. Even after you use up your cell phone's pre-paid minutes, incoming calls can be received with no cellular fees.
  • Voice mail and text messaging will insure you get important messages.

My experience using a cell phone in Ireland can be found here.

Information on using a cell phone in Spain.

You can buy a cell phone from "Cellular Abroad" through my Travel Store, Cell phones for international travelers. Make certain you use the discount code.



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