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For a US citizen, Ireland and the UK are a good choice for a first time visit to Europe. One does not have to deal with significant language differences, the cultural differences are sufficient to provide the visitor with some unique experiences and historic sites are in abundance.

Bath Dover St. Michaels Mount
england/bath.htm england/dover.htm

Like my Ireland Guide, the England Guide content is in a draft form, but it is a good start. Eventually this site is to have information on all of the UK.

Bodiam Castle in England
Bodiam Castle.
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Some of the links at the top of the page are light on content, the most useful information pages are on train travel and driving in the UK, most of the other pages do have some content or links to take you to related content. I have not even started on the Hotel and B&B FAQ for Britain.

The Northern Ireland links, Belfast, Giant's Causeway will take you to my Ireland Guide, if you want to return here you will need to use your back button or search out the England Guide link towards the top of a number of the Ireland Guides pages.

I need to go in to more depth for almost all the England destination links to the left, with a few exceptions all have some content. The Wales, Scotland and pre-Rome pages have no content at this time.

As I need to concentrate on the Spain Travel Guide and Europe Top Travels, you will not see a lot of additions here or on the Ireland Guide for a while.





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